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We designed Kiffy for various uses. Thanks to its lightness and easy to handle, it can be taken everywhere. It adpats to all grounds as welle as daily obstacles thanks to his 'Swing System', patent registered by Easy Design Technology. Moreover, it is customizable according to its use.

Kiffy is fully French manufactured. Born and made in Saint-Etienne, historically the city cycles.

So in Kiffy Family, let discover Family Kiffy use, specially design for parents and children.


A fun and familial Kiffy

Family Kiffy is multifunction and can be used to:

  • go for a walk
  • drive children to school or to your children activities
  • go to the park to play with your children
  • make shopping
  • go to your appointments in entertaining way

For families, Kiffy represents assets such as:
  • lightweight
  • handy
  • compact (folding version)
  • stable
  • robust
  • secured

Whether its practical advantage, Family Kiffy seduced them by its ecological asset. You can go out up to 40km, with a maximum charge of 50kg. No fuel is needed, which represents a significant financial gain and zero pollution.

Equip your special family cargo tricycle

We can provide Family Kiffy according to your specifications. We analyse together your needs and then we propose you adapted solutions according to your daily life.
Whether its esthetical or functional aspect, we make sure that you are in the best condition while family outing.

Many options are available:

  • folding Kiffy: it becomes a children's stroller in a few seconds keeping folding Kiffy front plate 
  • non-folding Kiffy
  • Mudguard
  • adjustable handlebar and stem
  • multi-speed turning handle (for non-folding version)

KIFFY_nacelle_bdo pour bannière

A plaisant Kiffy to your image

You wish a Kiffy to your image?

It is therefore possible to get it and customize it:

Let’s find our accessories here


Family Kiffy is available from 2.500 € VAT.

For any questions, quotation, commercial demands or orders, do not hesitate and contact us.

Contact us

Our field staff is also at your disposal to help you in Family Kiffy use.