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We designed Kiffy for various uses. Thanks to its lightness and easy to handle, it can be taken everywhere. It adapts to all grounds as well as daily obstacles thanks to his 'Swing system', patent registered by Easy Design Technology. Moreover, it is customizable according to its use.

Kiffy is fully French manufactured. Born and made in Saint-Etienne, historically the city cycles.

So in Kiffy family, let discover Pro Kiffy use, specially designed to answer to professional needs (roads, deliveries, camping sites, green areas and so on).



Hybrid and multifunction ekiffy use

This cargo tricycle is ideal for a professional use. Equipped with electric assistance, it allows you to move without effort at your workplace. No matter surfaces you ride on, Pro Kiffy will assist you without difficulty.

  • on the sand
  • on the ground
  • on the grass
  • on the asphalt
  • on snow

Kiffy will optimize your working time. It is usually used to:
  • road services
  • green spaces
  • home deliveries
  • couriers
  • commercial events  
Besides its practical aspect, Pro Kiffy seduces professionals by its ecological asset.
As part of your job, you make more or less long and accessible journeys!
No fuel is needed, which represents a significant financial gain and zero pollution.
A tricyle equipped as you wish.

A tricycle equipped as you wish

We can provide Kiffy according to your specifications.
We analyse together your needs and then we propose you adapted solutions according to your core business.
Whether its esthetical or functional aspect, we make sure that you are in best conditions at work.

Many options are available:  

  • folding Kiffy
  • non-folding Kiffy
  • Mudguard
  • adjustable handlebar and stem
  • multi-speed turning handle (for non-folding versions)

Customize your Pro Kiffy

You want a branded Kiffy?
Here are all possibilities:

 Let's find our accessories here

They trus us:

ville de paris          Ville de Saint-Etienne        ville de Nice

               Paris City                            Saint-Etienne City                         Nice City


Contact us

Pro Kiffy is available from 3.000 € VAT.

For any questions, quotation, commercial demands or orders, Do not hesitate and contact us.

Our field staff is also at your disposal to help you in Pro Kiffy use.