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We designed Kiffy for various uses. Thanks to its lightness and easy to handle, it can be taken everywhere. It adapts to all grounds as well as daily obstacles thanks to his 'Swing sytem', patent registered by Easy Design Technology. Moreover, it is customizable accordint to its use.

Kiffy is fully French manufactured. Born and made in Saint-Etienne, historically the city cicles.

So in Kiffy family, let discover Golf Kiffy use, specially designed to answer of golf lovers and users.


Kiffy golf groupe

Golf Kiffy, the new golf car or also called 'golfette' in France

This tricycle cargo is especially desgnied for golfers. The front part is designed to carry essential golfers' equipment. It will become your new golf car owing to his assets: 

  • electrical assistance for less efforts
  • carrying up to 30kg
  • off-road tires, perfect for running on the green
  • stability and handy thanks to his ' Swing système'

Your golf courses playing time will be optimized by Golf Kiffy owing to its easy use and its ecological aspect.

Equip your Golf Kiffy

We can provide Kiffy according to your specifications. We analyse together your needs and then we propose you adapted solutions according to your core business. Whether its esthetical or functional aspect, we make sure that you are in the best conditions at work.

Many options are available:

  • folding Kiffy
  • non-folding Kiffy
  • Mudguard
  • adjustsable handlebar and stem
  • multi-speed turning handle (for non-folding version)

Customize your Golf Kiffy

You want a branded Kiffy?
It is therefore possible to do it:

Let’s find our accessories here


Golf Kiffy is available from 2.500 € VAT.

For any questions, quotation, commercial demands or orders, do not hesitate and

Contact us

You can also contact us for financing facilities and leasing Golf Kiffy.